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LPCXpresso is a low-cost development platform available from NXP supporting NXP's ARM-based microcontrollers. LPCXpresso is an end-to-end solution enabling embedded engineers to develop their applications from initial evaluation to final production. Features¶ NXP LPC4337 MCU ARM® Cortex™-M4 Core 204MHz, 136KB RAM, 1MB FLASH LPC1343 LPCXpresso Board; Processor: NXP's Cortex-M3 LPC1347 microcontroller in LQFP48 package: Flash: 64 KByte: Data Memory: 12 KByte: EEPROM: 4 KByte: Clock Crystals: 12.000 MHz crystal for CPU: Dimensions: 35 x 140 mm: Power: 3.15V-3.3V external powering, or from USB via JTAG probe (LPC-LINK) Connectors: All LPC1347 pins available on expansion connector (2x27 pin rows, 100 mil pitch, 900 LPCXpresso. NXP hat das hier beschriebene Entwicklungskit zusammen mit Embedded Artists entwickelt. Dazu wurde von Code-Red - im Auftrag von NXP - eine passende Entwicklungsumgebung erstellt, die kostenlos erhältlich ist. Hier eine erste Einführung. Das preiswerte Board (ca. 25€) ist z.B. hier erhältlich Watterott. Read about 'NXP LPCXPRESSO: Platform and EcoSystem for LPC ARM Microcontroller Development' on element14.com. LPCXpresso is a low-cost development tool platform that provides a quick way to develop advanced applications using NXPs highly efficient and low-power MCU Xpresso SDK Builder . The MCUXpresso SDK brings open source drivers, middleware, and reference example applications to speed your software development. Customize and download an SDK specific to your processor or evaluation board selections.

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WANTED - YouTube

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